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Miyama is a licensed teacher at the Sawai International Koto Academy. Lessons are available in the Nerima area in Tokyo.

Not in Japan? Sign up for a lesson through the online lesson platformAEYONS.

Miyama teaches mostly contemporary repertoire for the koto and 17 stringed bass Miyama anytime.  If you have any particular repertoire you would like to learn, this can be consulted with Miyama as well.


If you do not own a koto, instrument rental is available, and purchase of an instrument is also possible. score, if you do not already own them.


Lesson levels range from complete beginner level to advanced.

Those who wish are also able to sit for certificates at the Sawai Koto Academy.


Lessons are available in both English and Japanese.

Free trial lessons are also available.


There is no membership fee, so even if you are in Japan for a short time, you are

welcome to come for lessons while you are here.

I teach mainly contemporary koto and 17-string music in Nerima Ward, Tokyo.

If you want to start learning or want to resume your lessons, please feel free to contact us.inquiryplease give me.

We offer free trial lessons.


There is nothing to bring with you at first. It doesn't matter if you don't have a koto from the beginning. The first purchases (if you don't already have them) are nails and sheet music.

Basically, the content of the lesson is decided here, but if there is a song that you want to play, we will consult you.
All ages are welcome, from beginners to experienced riders.

We also have rental instruments for practice at home, and if you would like to purchase an instrument, we can introduce you to a musical instrument store.

We also have lessons in English!
Lessons also available in English.


No admission fee is charged.


If you wish, you can also aim to acquire the qualification of the Sawai Koto Institute. Of course it's not compulsory.

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