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Ito to Ito 糸と糸

This duo with Miyama and Masao Tajima on contrabass has been collaborating and performing since early 2014.  The duo bring their unique sensitivities and influences from a broad range of genres.  The duo performs original compositions, free improvisation and some covers from varying genres. 

KS duo

Making the most of their multicultural heritages, Bruce and Miyama's repertory spans from the classics of the centuries-old koto and shakuhachi traditions, to 20th century modern and original compositions and improvisation based on jazz and world music. Based in the Tokyo area, the duo has been active since 2011, and regularly tour Japan performing in halls, temples, clubs, schools and more. They have conducted demonstrations for general audiences and schools. They aim to spread a more global image of these traditional instruments, with a message that these instruments are not just traditional, but have unlimited possibilities for contemporary expression.



Folk song "Ysugi-bushi" arr. KS duo


Miyama McQueen-Tokita & Miwa Naito

Koto duo e-M-u has been actively performing since 2011, with Miyama McQueen-Tokita on koto and bass koto, and Miwa Naito on koto, twenty-five string koto and bass koto.  The duo have performed on various occasions in and outside of Tokyo, varying from formal concerts to casual settings in Toyko live houses, as well as many different events.

For their duo recital in 2015, they commissioned and premiered a new piece for koto and bass koto.

The duo is available for concerts, events, demonstrations and workshops.


"Folkokta" (2015) by Haruyuki Suzuki


A large scale koto ensemble consisting of 11 members.  The ensemble is known for its energetic performances, and regularly perform a wide variety of contemporary repertoire for large koto ensemble. 


"Ginyuka" (1998) by Hikaru Sawai