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Unknown Mirrors〜未知の鏡〜

Miyama McQueen-Tokita - koto

Ryan Williams - recorders

UNKNOWN MIRRORS is the unexpected combination of koto (Japanese zither) and recorder.  The two ancient instruments produce an utterly unique sound world based on original compositions and masterful improvisations.  In 2019 their first album was launched in Japan, followed by a performance at the 2020 Peninsula Summer Music Festival in the Mornington Peninsula. Their performance is sometimes energetic and upbeat, sometimes blissful and embracing, with an array of influences including contemporary classical, folk, alternative pop, traditional Japanese and Baroque.  The result is both fresh and familiar to the contemporary ear, whilst reflecting the history, culture and tradition of the instruments.


Unknown Mirrors〜未知の鏡〜

箏とリコーダーというユニークな組み合わせのデュオ。二つの伝統楽器が、オリジナル曲と即興をを通してこれまでに聴いたことのない音世界を紡ぎ出す。彼らのパフォーマンスは時にエネルギッシュで軽快な、時には美しく心地よい音楽を生み出し、その影響は現代音楽、フォーク、インディーポップ、邦楽、そしてバロックと、幅広く及ぶ。新鮮でありながらどこか懐かしい響きである二人の音楽は、同時に楽器の歴史、文化、そして伝統を反映させている。2019年には日本でファーストアルバム”Your Ten Is My Twelve”をリリースし、2020年にはオーストラリアで開催されるPeninsula Summer Music Festivalに出演。

Album Your Ten Is My Twelve on sale now:

Ilgenfriz/Cox/McQueen-Tokita trio

Koto, double bass, drum trio project started in NYC, 2019.  Combining backgrounds and influences of new music, jazz and experimental, brought together to create improvised music in a world of its own.


James Ilgenfriz - double bass

Jessie Cox - drums

Miyama McQueen-Tokita koto

Ito to Ito 糸と糸

This duo with Miyama and Masao Tajima on contrabass has been collaborating and performing since early 2014.  The duo bring their unique sensitivities and influences from a broad range of genres.  The duo performs original compositions, free improvisation and some covers from varying genres. 

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